Travel Tips


The country has three distinctions – summer (Mar ~ May), rainy season (June ~ Sep) and winter (Oct ~ Feb). Summer time is too hot. In some places, day time temperature could reach 40C+. On the other hand, winter temperate is around 10-16C at night time. Rainy season (also called monsoon) is humid with occasional rain, if not, it’s warm and moderate.


The staple food is steamed rice and curry. One or two main dishes (mostly meats) go along with side dishes (mostly veggie) and soup. Most main dishes are somewhat oily and slightly hot. But, tourist restaurants modify the originality that you find all the menu is deliciously edible.


Most vehicles used in Myanmar travel industry are good second-hand ones from Japan. All are safe, clean, and air-conditioned with professional drivers. But, don’t expect you are to have a latest model brand new car unless you have a special request in advance.


Local money is called ‘KYAT’. USD is widely acceptable in most part of tourist destinations. Please make sure that the bills are completely new. Any ‘CB’ serial numbers, small head, with little dirt, marks, crease and slightly damaged USD bills are not accepted. Please try to have completely (completely) new USD bills in order to avoid any acceptability challenges.


You can exchange local money on arrival or anywhere. There are banks and exchange counters at arrival hall. USD, EURO and S$ are accepted. Rate is the same everywhere.


It was introduced into Myanmar recently. So, the service is not widespread all over the country. In cities like Yangon and Mandalay, etc. there are places accepting credit cards. Also, there are ATM where you can withdraw local money. After all, bringing in the cash (preferable USD) is more convenient and faster in transaction.


No restriction on any electrical devices such as PC, camera, GPS, etc. Officially, tourists can take USD 2000 per person in cash. Beyond that amount, you may declare at the custom. Yet, it’s NOT a problem even if you don’t do so. The custom never checks tourist like a suspect. You can bring as much as you can. A few thousands USD won’t bother anyone.


Purchase any items such as jewelry, handicraft, etc. from government registered places that can issue official receipt to present on departure.


You can bring in your mobile, but, it may not work here. Myanmar doesn’t allow international roaming yet. The country is trying to work out regional roaming system as a first phase. Though a few of neighboring country SIM might be working out, the majority don’t.


220-240V throughout the country with British style 3 pin plug or European 2 pin round plug. Easily, one can buy an adapter for much cheaper price than his home country.


It’s available everywhere. There are a lot of internet cafes throughout. Most hotels have free Wi-Fi. In fact, it’s the easiest way to communicate with your family. Since the access is still controlled by the State, it can sometimes be very slow. Generally speaking, it’s working effectively.


Though it’s not compulsory, tips is a way to show your satisfaction and appreciation as a token of present to our team. Feel free to adjust at your own budget. But, here is our suggestion.

1-4PAX Group size
USD 15-20/day to guide
USD 7-10/day to drivers
10PAX & above
USD 3-5/day/pax to guide
USD 1/day/pax to drivers
USD 1/luggage for waiters/porters