Meditation (a practice to calm & purify one’s mind)

Meditating, in other word, is “practicing/purifying the mind” until it comes into fullest fruition. This noble practice is the ONLY way that leads to “sensible Utopia” that is “NIRVANA”. In fact, this Pali expression “NIRVANA” can’t be paralleled with any contemporary languages. But, allow me to use the expression as a nearest explanation to those of westerners. “NIRVANA” is NOT something that can be awarded as a price nor gifted by a noble person. This eternity is to witness only with “self-practice” called “Insight-meditation” or “Vippasana” in holy Pali language.


Myanmar (Burma) hosting over 50 millions of population, whose majority is Theravada Buddhist. They follow the nearest and original doctrines of the BUDDHA. This land comes to know as a place to refuge, a passage that leads to liberation, a window letting you discover the “NIRVANA”, a platform channeling you to be in peace. Myanmar (Burma) is not a country of material-heaven, though, it is a land of spiritual-paradise. A number of meditation centers are opened in Myanmar equipped with simple accommodation and the instruction is given in English by respective venerable Sayardaw (monk). From bustling Yangon to tranquil villages, there is a meditation center. My motivation is to take you to one of those Eden Gardens in the today-wild-world. Let’s me know any info you need to come Myanmar to meditate.