Lacquer ware

Lacquer ware in Myanmar, is valued for its artistic beauty and other credits – it is light, watertight - in the usage. It has many other applications for the users. You can see lacquer ware in different items such as bowl, ash tray, jar, vase, jewellery box with intricate design, betel box, plate,
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Myanmar Puppet

Myanmar called it Yoke Tae, is essentially a string puppet. It is a royal entertainment in ancient Myanmar not only showing the wooden doll but the representation of a real human. The art was already established in the 11th century during the time of Bagan Dynasty. An

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Meditation (a practice to calm & purify one's mind)

Meditating, in other word, is “practicing/purifying the mind” until it comes into fullest fruition. This noble practice is the ONLY way that leads to “sensible Utopia” that is “NIRVANA”. In fact, this Pali expression “NIRVANA” can’t be paralleled wit

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